About Us

The Movement and Brand

Napturally Caribbean was founded in 2013 by the Creative Director Saché Alexander as a blog, as a means of encouraging women from the Caribbean region to recognize the true strength and beauty of their hair in the natural state. Since then, it has evolved into a business partnership between Saché Alexander, Chardelle Lennard and Keisha Daniel as an international avenue of products and advice that promote the use of all natural and home-made remedies for the maintenance of beautiful hair and skin. The expanding Napturally Caribbean team now caters to an ever diversifying clientele of women and men, as the benefits of non-artificial hair and skin care continue to be revealed. All materials endorsed by Napturally are completely centered around the Caribbean market and influences.



The Vision

 To make Napturally Caribbean the preferred destination in the Caribbean region for natural hair and skin care solutions, in addition to providing an unparalleled avenue for the appreciation of natural hair and all merchandise that aid in the fulfilment and advancement of our motto, “It’s stronger in it natural state”.



The Mission

 To be a movement and brand that best identifies with, and supplies for,  the natural hair and skin demands of the Caribbean region.

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