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#EdenGoesGlobal- Trinidad Launch (+special hair product giveaway)

On Friday the 13th of May, rather than having an unlucky day according to western superstition, I had all the luck on my side when I was able to attend and thoroughly enjoy the launch of the Eden Body Works line in Trinidad, hosted by Afrobella.

Aside from the beautiful venue, which was Anya Ayoung Chee’s very own HOME Cafe, this elegant cocktail event sported absolutely amazing finger food and champagne, and of course, both Afrobella and the Founder of Eden Body works; Jasmine Lawrence,  were visions of beauty themselves. Upon entering, you could actually feel the positive energy in the room, permeated with the laughter and many smiling faces of gorgeously melanated and natural Trinbagonian women in attendance.

The highlight of my night however, was the question and answer segment with Jasmine. I had heard of of the brand before its official launch in Trinidad, and so was looking forward to hear from the the young and amazing master mind behind it. Jasmine Lawrence started this line of products at the age of 13, and has been successfully running her business for the last 12 years while working full time at Microsoft. Her profound advice resonated within me, ” Think about you and your unique needs and style, not just using the media as a guide, but by truly deciding who you want to be and want people to see you as. You Define That!” It was at that point I decided I must try to steal a few minutes of her time and get to know her on a personal level. As you would expect, many others were thinking the same thing, but before the night was over, I got the absolute pleasure of speaking one on one wth Ms. Jasmine Lawrence; a 24 year old brilliant entrepreneur, successfully managing an amazing hair line while still pursuing her post-graduate degree. I must admit I felt incredibly inspired, not just by the business side of her but also by her refreshing personality. She is a simply wonderful person.

Now for the fun part! The beneficent Ms. Lawrence donated products to all attendees at the event, most  of which were conditioners, and moisturizers. Unfortunately for me, my hair care regimen does not allow me to use these types of hair products, but fortunately for you… I am willing to give away the products I received to anyone who wants to try the Eden Body works line!

To win this giveaway you MUST:

-Be currently located in Trinidad or Tobago
-Share the Napturally Caribbean Website on any of your social media pages (be sure to tag us)
-Comment beneath this post stating why you want to win.

Easy right? Giveaway ends this Sunday 22nd May though, so hurry up and apply!

NB>Products in this giveaway are in the Featured Image of this post. 


Here’s a some shots from the event.


Here’s some of what I ate


Speaking with Afrobella                                                                       Posing with Ms. Jasmine Lawrence herself


A beautiful friend of mine

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  • All girls (especially naturals) know the struggle of trying to find the ‘right’ hair prodcts. It seems as though almost every new product lacks something essential. This can become frustrating after a while. I came upon this brand on instagram some time ago and I love how it showcases not only natural hair, but the wide variety of it. I also love how the prodcuts cater for this variety. I’m ready to try a product that would not damage my hair but refine it. A product that will redefine my curls and keep them hydrated. A product that will let me keep my length without having to ‘start over’ by cutting it off. I want to win this giveaway because I think these products from napturally caribbean can do this and so much more for my hair!

  • It was awesome seeing you at the event!! I too was familiar with brand before it’s official launch and their product offerings are wonderful. Sad that you can’t use their products, I’m sure you would have loved them, but I think it’s awesome that you’re passing them on. Some lucky lady will benefit. Will definitely share this with others.

  • I’m transitioning to natural and it’s been a task finding the right products for my hair! My hair never seems to stay moisturised and soft! I heard and saw great reviews about Eden Body Works Line and it would be amazing if I had the opportunity to try it!

  • My name is Alyssa and I previously hated my natural hair. Honestly I was like why wasn’t I born with more manageable hair, yours is so thick and crazy . Still I never relaxed my hair or added chemicals to it , imagine doing that in a world where natural wasn’t “right” until now . I’ve learnt to show my hair some love and I now find myself loving my hair regardless of its difference even though it’s frustrating at times . I would love to use these products to continue loving my hair and to be committed to staying natural . This just might be the product that’s right for me to continue to love my hair just for what it is .

  • Being a full-time university student I’ve never had the resources to splurge on products. I received the deep conditioner from this line once and I loved it. I’m really interested in the rest of this line but my pocket be like “girl you better chill” lol. So it would be really nice to win this giveaway. P.S. my birthday is the 31st of May so this would be a greattt early birthday present lol I will eventually try the full line as it seems to be a great line of products but this opportunity would be great! 😀

  • I was introduced to this product last year. This a great natural product that works well not only on my 3c/4a hair but also on my daughter’s 3a hair. It always makes me smile the day after my wash day when I style my hair, my daughter always comes to me and says mommy I want my hair just like yours. I am glad I can show her to appreciate and love your curls. And this product helps to do this by keeping both our hair well moisturised.

  • Becoming natural has been the best thing that ever happen to me. When i decided to go natural i was going through alot emotionally and i needed a change . SO that is why i went natural. Its a has been a little hard but its worth it all. I’ve always wanted to to use Eden products but never got my hands on it this will be a DREAM come through. I pray i win this product.

    P.S. Fingers crossed

  • Over a year ago I tried my first EdenBodyWorks products – the Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme and Leave In Conditioner- which worked wonderfully on my hair. Since then I was unable to get my hands on them again with less of a budget for my hair products. Also with less time as a mom to visit a stylist, I would love to win this prize to elevate my at-home haircare regime.

  • Knew both this product even before the official launch. It is part of my current stash and I do not stray. It’s a line I can safely say works well. Winning would be great as it’ll make the perfect birthday gift for my lil sister who’s almost through her transition phase and having a hard time settling on what works for her. Been tryna get her to join the Eden train a while now and so far no luck. Hopefully I get lucky.


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