What Naptural Love means: 5 ways to Love Yourself

Naptural love is a deep rooted unique love. It is a combination of self acceptance and self regard, one that brushes over the personal kinks and minor issues.

Many of us understand what it means to love someone else. Feelings of respect, admiration, desire for another may be all too familiar yet we find time to look down on ourselves. With Valentines Day coming up I want to take time to share with you what I call  Naptural Love.

Here’s 5 Ways to Love Yourself

1.Unconditional Appreciation

You may not have the commercialized magazine body, perfect skin and long flowy hair, instead you are uniquely made with flaws that build your character. Without these imperfections you wouldn’t be you. Ignore perfectionism and appreciate yourself unconditionally

2. Self Care

Give yourself special days for self care. Whether it means taking a spa day, a beauty nap or even a visit to the doctor for a check up, the feeling afterwards would be rewarding. Taking time to ensure your body gets the attention it deserves has to be one of the best ways to show yourself love.
3. Positive affirmations

Having a loud negative inner voice can definitely make you feel less than you are. We easily identify all that is wrong with us and totally forget all that is good. You are beautiful! You are intelligent! You are worthy! Believe it and repeat it like a mantra if you have to. It may seem routined and meaningless but doing this is actually very effective in boosting your spirit each day.

4. Less Comparisons

Comparing yourself with someone you admire is a natural behavior that we all do sometimes. Making comparisons aren’t all bad because it can push us to try harder and do better. However it is those negative comparisons that we make that cause us to feel less beautiful or less important. Take time to remember  your good attributes too even when you are making a comparisons.

5. Patience & Persistence

Finally be patient and persistent with yourself. You are a work of art constantly being resculpted to create a better version of you. Some days will be greater than other days just as there are days when you have a perfect twist out whilst other days it flops. The journey to happiness is a long winding road worth a slow travel.

Be Good to yourself…You are all Napturally Loved

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Happy Valentines

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