The Truth about the relationship between Milk and Acne

Many of us battle each day for solutions to our acne problems. We try various products and treatments hoping to send these bad boys on their way but they refuse to go. Recently I have been evaluating my eating habits and doing my read ups as I normally do, when I came across an article about how dairy causes skin problems. It was then I realized that my skin did not only improve at the time I started my natural remedies but at that time too I was forced by the doctor to quit milk due to my confirmed lactose intolerance. Whilst I still face a single pop up ever so often, since 2014 when I quit drinking milk the way I use to, I have not experienced a breakout of acne.

Here’s what I have discovered about the relationship between milk and acne:

1. Any food intolerance will cause inflammation to the gut that can be manifested in the surface of the skin. Whilst lactose intolerance does not automatically mean you will have acne once you drink milk, having to eliminate what you body is intolerant of and has difficulty digesting will more often improve the skin.

2. Cows milk contains hormones that is good for the baby cows but are bad for us humans. It is said that these hormones in milk causes inflammation which eventually leads to our acne issues.

3. Also milk and other dairy products increases insulin levels in humans that causes the liver to produce what is known as IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) which leads to acne formation.

My Recommendations:

  • Replace your usual cow’s milk with almond or soy milk. There many flavors in these alternatives that you can enjoy and they would be less influential to your skin issues.
  • Challenge yourself to a month of a no milk diet and monitor your skin’s reaction. Perhaps the milk in your diet may not be a huge contributing factor but its surely good to check.
  • Take calcium supplements to give your body the absorbable calcium it requires when reducing milk intake.


This may be the ugly truth about milk. Those milkshakes your love so much don’t only bring boys to your yard it also brings acne >.< (LOL). Whilst cutting out milk can be a huge challenge, it may just be part of the solution to your acne problems. So give it a try!


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