Carnival Skin Tips

My fellow naturalistas, the time is here again when we revel on the streets for 2 days, palancing beneath the Caribbean sun in beautiful costumes. As much as we all love the glory that is Carnival, we must pamper our skin to ensure that when the festivities are over we would have faced little to no damage from the beating of the sun’s rays  and other harsh treatments our skin faces as we luxuriate on the streets. Here are a few tips on how you care for during this time.

Pre -Carnival

  • Rid yourself Pimple Problems- This may be easier said than done but we all want our makeup to look flawless on the road. Pay special attention to your skin care routine and diet as carnival approaches (though you should be doing this on a regular). If you tend to lapse with your skin care regime and eating habits, try to drink lots of water in order to flush the impurities out of your body and hydrate the skin alongside aiming for a healthy diet . To avoid those unwanted pimples stick with the steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin every day. And no, popping any unwanted pimples is not an option. If you wear a lot of makeup during your days, double up on the cleansing step. Ensure to use a scrub and mask at least once per week to help deep clean the skin and keep those pores nice and tight. Any of napturally’s homemade sugar scrubs will make a perfect addition to your product collection


  • Eat Watermelon- You all may be wondering why is this a step to take. Believe it or not if you want that skin to glow on the road it needs to be nourished from the inside too. In addition to your water intake your skin will  love a diet that has watermelons in it. No matter the skin type, your skin will be thirsty for water and what better way to quench that thirst than by snacking on watermelon. You can also increase your lettuce and grapefruit intake.


  • Visit your dermatologist- If you can, particularly if you have any skin condition or you are seeking medical advice, it would be wise to make an appointment at your dermatologist. The sun’s rays can cause great damage so to ensure that you are using the right products for any medical issue you may have, the safest step to take is to see the Doctor.


During Carnival

  • Wear SPF 30 and higher Sunscreen- This has to be the most important step you really want to take to protect your skin especially if you aren’t accustomed to spending long periods in the sun. The higher sunscreen has been proven to work better at offering the skin protection from the sun’s rays.


  • Wear carnival stockings- Carnival stockings are thicker and so it gives the legs a nice firm and toned look. Many woman of all different sizes are usually concerned about discoloured skin, cellulite, bumps, stretch marks etc. Carnival stockings nicely help to mask those skin imperfections on the road. Not to mention, the nature of carnival is one where persons feel more comfortable than usual sitting wherever they can, laying in the grass at the lunch stop and we all have a tendency to get comfortable with new people we meet during the parade of the bands as such there is a lot of skin to skin contact. The carnival stockings can serve as a barrier that helps to block this direct contact with dirty surfaces and body fluids that can lead to rashes and other infections


  • Drink lots of fluids- Carnival is essentially about 10 hours party on Carnival Monday and Tuesday each. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for your skin that you stay hydrated. Particularly if you are going to be drinking alcohol on the road, your skin is going to be craving water and you do not want to ignore that craving.


Post Carnival

  • Use Aloe Gel on the skin- As much as we apply sunscreen, that carnival burn and tan is hard to run away from. To help soothe and heal sun burns, aloe gel is a great solution as it is cooling for sunburns. After a cool bath, soothe skin by applying aloe gel and wear loose clothing to allow the affected areas to heal.


  • Foot soak – You would have partied hard probably wearing boots or sneakers so your feet are going to be aching from the constant pressure. A good way to soothe the feet and to help recover is a foot soak. If you have a home foot spa use it to your advantage and give your feet the attention it needs. Gentle rubs and massage the aching areas after soaking for about 15-20 mins. Scrubs off the dead skin where necessary and moisturize the feet when you are done. Napturally’s body butter will do great and moisturizing and soothing the feet.


  • Use a Hydrating face mask- your skin can possibly look dull from the harshness of the 2 days on the road especially if you failed to stay hydrated or keep the skin moisturized. A homemade hydrating skin mask can help to bring back life to the skin. (Look out for recipe this type of mask in another post)


We hope your skin looks amazingly beautiful during and after carnival. Feel free to comment on any other ways in which you plan to or you usually pamper your skin during this time.






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  • I love makeup, but I just have never worn any although I crave to do so.Oneday I am going to go all out ,and just do it up.I love the eye shadows,and the costumes are beautiful.


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