The Team

Hi! I am Saché Alexander; Founder and Creative Director of Napturally Caribbean. I have been wearing my hair ‘natural’ my entire life, and I have consistently struggled to find hair and skin products in the mainstream market that cater to my unique needs. As a Caribbean woman, I represent a blend of ethnicities, cultures, diet and climate that is exclusive to this region, and causes my hair and skin to respond differently from the rest of the world’s. Subsequently, the Napturally Caribbean movement was birthed out of my love and support for the natural hair revolution, and a strong identification with the need for advice and products designed for the unique demands of the Caribbean market. As I continue to research and prove the benefits of non-artificial products on my own hair and skin, my confidence in the natural state continues to flourish. Whilst I am a loc’d natural, I keep abreast of all styles and products involving the natural hair movement and I partner with other kindred spirits to navigate through the rewarding complexities of being a natural. Far from just another hair blog, Napturally is a reservoir of colourful, vibrant, BEAUTIFUL Caribbean naturals, that fosters a sense of community and belonging, and encourages the use of local, natural products, proven to be best for us.

… I am Saché Alexander, and my desire is to offer the Caribbean community a quality brand and lifestyle that is as bold, complex, and original as we are. Remember, It’s stronger in its natural state.


Saché Alexander | Founder and Creative Director


Chardelle Lennard | Marketing and Brand Manager

Hi, my name is Chardelle Lennard and I am the Marketing and Brand Manager of Napturally Caribbean. I have been natural since 2010. Only when I made the change to being natural had I realised the impact it had on myself and the people around me.  Coincidentally the new ‘natural hair movement’ was growing more popular at the time and this aided in boosting my self-esteem and totally convincing me that me and my hair was beautiful in every way. Around the same time I met the Creative Director Sache Alexander who at the time had beautiful long locs that I admired dearly.  We became fast friends and years later she pitched her idea of Naturally Caribbean, its role in the natural hair movement and the inspiration she wished to invoke through her work.  We at Napturally Caribbean are completely dedicated to making people feel beautiful in their natural state and using natural products to help in that process.  Therefore, I felt inclined to be a part of the vision of promoting self-love and positivity to the people around us especially as it shattered the post-colonial chains that were once binded to the souls of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

My name is Keisha Daniel and I am the Executive Secretary at Napturally Caribbean. I transitioned to my natural hair in 2011.  I have always been aware of the “natural hair movement”, however, it was only recently I started to pay a closer eye to the benefits of natural products, whether it is for your hair or skin. I have always wanted locs since I was a little girl and in 2011 I started the loc journey. I am in love with them; I do not regret it for a minute. I believe that I carry sixty-nine (69) good luck charms with me wherever I go. I believe that each and every thing is beautiful in its natural state, whether it is nature or mankind. Too many people feel inferior with the way in which they were created. We, at Napturally Caribbean will help you to embrace that inner and outer beauty through the use of our products, guidance and inspiration. No two people are the same, instead of comparing ourselves; we should inspire and lift each other. We at Napturally Caribbean aim to awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. “There’s only one of you in the world. Embrace your skin. Love your crown. Do you!”


Keisha Daniel | Executive Secretary


Ainka St. Louis | Ambassador

I am Ainka St. Louis, and I am a Brand Ambassador for the Napturally Caribbean brand. Growing up, I was always warned, “Don’t put any chemical in you hair and relax it!” Everyone loved my hair and saw something beautiful about it. Everyone except me that is.

When I finally began to embrace natural hair I did so wholeheartedly and fell in love with every texture, every kink and every curl I encountered. I loved its uniqueness, I admired its versatility and marvelled at how majestic each head of natural hair was. And this is why Napturally Caribbean holds a special place in my heart. It encourages individuals to appreciate their hair, and shows them how to love it and care for it, and this has become my passion.

Hi, I’m Kandy and I’m a Brand Ambassador for Napturally Caribbean. My own Naptural journey began in 2009 when I transitioned from relaxed, severely damaged hair to my current healthier crown. During this time I immersed myself in researching organic products that would help me in achieving healthier hair and skin. The skin acts as a barrier to external elements and I firmly believe that skin products without the use of chemicals can go a long way in protecting us from cancers and other diseases while preserving our skin’s resilience. I love that Napturally Caribbean gives fellow Caribbean Naturalistas the opportunity to learn how to use ingredients present in our natural environment  to achieve flawless, radiant and healthy skin.


Kandy Serrant | Brand Ambassador


Ajala Pilgrim| Marketing Assistant

Ajala Pilgrim- Marketing Assistant

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